About the strip

Sully’s Startup is a 100% realistic look at the world of a startup business – which means it’s funny mixed with too little sleep. 

What can be crazier than starting a business? Yet there are millions of crazy people doing just that  across North America – and more each day. 

Sully’s Startup mixes business life with family life because that’s what a small business owner does. For good and for worse, for funny and perplexing, you’ll see Sully try to navigate entrepreneurship, realizing it's going to take more time and effort than he had originally thought. 

But most of all, Sully's Startup is about living the dream of being your own boss – even if you’re a lousy one.

About the characters

Sully – naïve entrepreneur, Sully left the corporate world to start Sully’s Website Design, but he never fully anticipated the rollercoaster ride ahead – discovering there are many ups and downs to self-employed life. Although Sully is a true optimist who believes he will succeed, he is forever stressed by the often-conflicting demands of his business and personal life. He does his best to run the business with a little help from his team – who do their best to keep Sully from being Sully


 Xiang – the company salesman and project manager is a junior partner and Sully’s best friend. Xiang (pronounced “Che-ung”) is all business and dresses the part. He does his best to keep Sully focused on key business issues but rarely succeeds.


 Gram – Sully’s feisty grandmother Gram manages the bookkeeping for the company part-time. Although she’s a senior citizen, brash Gram suffers no fools when it comes to finance issues.


 Jules – Sully’s beautiful, intelligent, and tolerant schoolteacher wife respects Sully’s career but can’t understand his life as an entrepreneur. She’s also increasingly concerned with his business progress and the stress it's putting on their young family.

Sully’s kids – Sully and Jules have two high-energy, mischievous boys, Ben and Lester, who want more of Sully’s time than he can give.


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